Protect Your PC From Pesky Spyware With Windows Defender

Does some seedy web site appear every time you open your browser? Do pop up ads bombard your computer all hours of the day? Are spy-ware programs on your computer that will not go away? If so, read below to rid yourself of this annoying and most of all, hazardous problem.
In this four part article, of which this article on Spy-ware is the first part, I will discuss what Spy-ware is, and how you can cleanse your computer of it. Generally, Spy-ware refers to software that executes tasks on your computer without requesting your consent. While the term suggests software that covertly monitors the user, it has come to refer more broadly to all software that sabotages your computer’s normal operation to profit outside individuals. But don’t confuse Spy-ware with hacking or cracking of your computer. It differs in that it showers you with unwanted advertising and the collection of your personal information, Spy-ware clearly immerges as a threat not only to your sanity but also may lead to identity theft.
Shouldn’t your Anti-virus scans protect you against Spy-ware? Absolutely not, it is a totally different animal! Like many viruses, Spy-ware exploits infected computers for profit. However, Spy-ware varies from viruses and worms because it does not self-replicate. Typical tactics that Spy-ware employs are the delivery of unsolicited pop-up advertisements; theft of personal information (including financial information and credit card numbers); monitoring of Web-browsing activity for advertising purposes; or routing of HTTP to target advertisements for a tailored-to-fit exploitation of your web searches by advertising sites.
But all of these threats and fears are extinguished with the download of one simple program—Windows Defender. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the following link to download Windows Defender or enter Windows Defender in your favorite search engine:

  2. Click the Download It Here button.
  3. Click the button.
  4. Click the Save button.

  5. Select your PC’s desktop and then click Save in the Dialogue Box.

  6. Once the program downloads, click Run.

  7. Follow the install Wizard by pressing Ok.

  8. Choose the Recommended Download option.

  9. Select Complete for the “setup type”
  10. Lastly, click Install when prompted.

Tips on how to use Windows Defender:Movie Passengers (2016)

  • Open Windows Defender and click the Check Now button to update the spyware definitions.
  • To scan your PC for spyware, just click the scan icon at the top of Windows Defender. Give your scan time to run, it usually takes less than five minutes, but don’t interrupt it if it is scanning.

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