Microsoft Charts and Diagrams

Make business meetings, home finances, and homework bold and more organized with diagrams and organizational charts in Microsoft Word. After all, it’s more colorful this way!
This Microsoft feature allows the user to create Cycle, Target, Radial, Venn, and Pyramid diagrams to clarify conceptual material.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Open an existing document or create a new document.
  3. Click Insert, and then select Diagram.

  4. Choose whichever chart best suits your needs and style, and then fill out your diagram’s information. Microsoft even gives you cheat sheets as you click each one to tell how each is best used.
  5. Lastly, click OK.
  6. After creating your diagram, left click it once. In doing so, a Toobar will appear, hovering about with several options. From left to right:
    • If you have more topics to include than divisions allotted, simply click Insert Shape.
    • Use the Move Shape Backward or Move Shape Forward to change each division’s orientation.
    • To change the layout of the diagram, click Layout.
    • To change the appearance and color, click Auto format.
    • Once you have chosen one type of diagram, you can switch to another (ex. Venn to Target) by selecting the Change to button. This way you don’t have to start from scratch.
    • Use the Text Wrapping menu to format how the diagram appears with the text.

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