Create Shortcuts To Your Favorite Programs Or Files

Oh yes, it can be done! Access Your Programs with the Touch of ONE Button!

  1. Right click the application you want as a shortcut, and click Properties.

  2. Select the Shortcut tab.

  3. Click and type your desired shortcut keys such as: Shift + or any other desired keys. The only rule is that you must choose two modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt) and, or a function key.
  4. Lastly, close the property window by clicking OK, and have fun playing with your one-touch shortcuts!
  5. To remove the shortcut key, return to the “Shortcut Key:” field by following steps 1 and 2 then remove the shortcut by using the backspace key. Then click OK, which will remove the shortcut key assignment.

If you prefer adding shortcuts to programs on your desktop, then:

  1. Right-click of the icon or file, and choose “Copy” from the menu.

  2. Then Right-click on the desktop, and choose “Paste Shortcut” from the menu.

To add a shortcut to a file or folder onto your desktop, then:

  1. Open “Windows Explorer,” and locate the file you would like to create a shortcut of.
  2. Then, right-click on the file, choose “Copy” from the menu.

  3. Lastly, -click on the desktop, and choose “Paste Shortcut” from the menu, to place the shortcut on the desktop.

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