An Alternative Web Browser to Internet Explorer

Pop-ups got you down? Do disruptive advertisements give more blues than Craft Macaroni and Cheese? If so, throw out Internet Explorer and Netscape and start using Mozilla Firefox for all your browsing needs! So what’s all the scuttlebutt? Unlike its contemporaries, Mozilla acts intuitively, blocking popup ads, spyware, and even those pesky viruses, allowing you to surf the Internet worry free.
Besides offering popup blockers, stronger security, and Bookmarks that update themselves, Mozilla also allows for tabbed browsing. This feature allows you to open multiple Web pages in one browser window, so you can quickly flip back and forth between pages and group related pages together. Make the most of your browsing today with this nifty feature!
Mozilla is compatible with Windows XP (Recommended), Windows 98,Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Linux kernel, and Mac OS X 10.2.x and later. To download this freeware program, take a look below!

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Download Now button
  3. Click Save to Disk, save the file to your Desktop, and click Ok.

  4. Open Firefox Setup by double clicking the Firefox Setup X.X.X.X.exe icon.

  5. Work through the Install wizard by clicking the Next button. Accept the Software Licensing Agreement and select the Custom Install. After Firefox finishes its Install, click Finish.

    Note: When you open Firefox for the first time, it will prompt you to import settings from Internet Explorer. Do this if you would like your Favorites to be moved over to Mozilla as Bookmarks.

    Now that you are ready to enjoy all the perks of using Mozilla Firefox, I want to mention some basics.


Save the links to your favorite webpages and never type in long URLs again!
Just like Internet Explorer, visit webpages by typing in the desired location into the URL or Location box. We’ll practice on Google.
To bookmark this or any other pages:

  1. Type in .com and press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Click Bookmarks
  3. Select Bookmark This Page…
  4. Once you have named the page, click OK

Setting your Homepage

Do you have a favorite page that you view everyday?
To make Google your homepage:

  1. Click Tools, and then select Options.

  2. Either type in or click the Use Current Page option, then click OK.

Tabbed Browsing

Mozilla Firfox’s Premiere Feature.
Now that you are ready to enjoy all the perks of using Mozilla Firefox, I want to step you through the Tabbed Browsing Feature. Imagine that you are Googling a new car, but cannot quite find the website you are looking for, so you decide to check Yahoo as well. If you need multiple browsers open at one time, it can get messy.
Guess what, you don’t have to open another browser window! With Firefox, you can open up the Yahoo and Google page in ONE window! To do so, see below.

  1. Currently the browser is at Now, to open up Yahoo in the same browser window, select the File dropdown menu located on the toolbar at the top. Click New Tab.

  2. In this new “(untitled)” browser window, you can either type in a new URL in the Location bar or select a bookmark to open in the new tabbed browser.

    Now two tabs, one for and the other for, exist. Click each tab and maneuver back and forth to get familiar with your newfound freedom!

Now, you must be getting very excited about this feature since its capabilities are becoming clearer.

Opening a new, blank tab:

  • Press “Ctrl-T” on the keyboard.
  • Click File > New Tab on the file menu.
  • Click a link using your the middle mouse button (scroll wheel).

Alternating between tabs:

  • Press “Ctrl-Tab” on the keyboard.
  • Click the tab with your left mouse button.

Open multiple sites when you start the browser:

  1. Click Tools, located on the menu bar.
  2. Then, click Options.
  3. Select the “General” selection.
  4. Type each URL, making sure that each is separated by a “|” This symbol is located on your keyboard, and looks like a horizontal dotted line.

Open a folder of bookmarks in tabs:

  1. Locate the folder of bookmarks under Bookmarks on the file menu.
  2. Look at the last entry inside the folder you would like to open.
  3. Select Open In Tabs to open all of the pages in tabs.

Reloading a tab:

  • Press “Crtl-R” on the keyboard.
  • Click the refresh button on the toolbar at the top. It looks like a recycle icon on top of a piece of paper.

Close tabs:

  • Press “Crtl-W” on the keyboard.
  • Click the tab you want to close with the middle mouse button (scroll wheel).

More Firefox Plugins: No Script, Forecastfox, & IE Tabs

Now that you have enjoyed the benefits of the Adblock extension, improve your computer’s performance and convenience with No Script, Forecastfox, and IE Tabs!
To do so:

  1. Open a Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  2. Click Tools, and then select Extensions.
  3. Click the “Get more Extensions” link. This takes you to the Firefox Add-ons page.

In this article, I will step you through the NoScript, Forecastfox, and IETab extensions, again, as I mentioned in the previous article: make sure to browse through your extension options at a later time by searching through this conveniently laid-out page. You can find all of the extensions and more by searching for each extension by name or keyword on the Firefox Add-ons page.

No Script: Added protection for your PC
NoScript allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content only for trusted domains of your choice, With this toy, you can create a whitelist using a preemptive blocking approach which prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities with no loss of functionality…

  1. Search for No Script or go here.
  2. Select the extension to view its details.
  3. Scroll down the No Script page, and then click on the green Install Now button.

  4. Click the item in the window, and then click Install Now.

Now that you have installed No Script, JavaScript and Java are automatically blocked. Now, it is your job to determine on which sites you allow JavaScript or Java execution. This is a selective process, one in which you choose only the sites you trust.
When you browse a site containing blocked scripts, a brief sound plays and a notification appears. You’ll also know the site is blocked if the site doesn’t seem to function right.
Examine the statusbar icon (located at the bottom right of the browser window) to know current NoScript permissions:

    • – scripts are blocked for the website
    • – scripts are allowed for some URLs of the current site
    • – script execution is allowed for the website
    • – scripts are globally allowed, in other words, this provides no protection

To change script permissions, left click the icon and select the desired option. Otherwise, you can right click on the document. This way, you can target preferences with items that are impossible on the status-bar viagra sicher bestellen.

Forecastfox: Don’t get stuck in the rain again!
Why watch television for weather forecasts when immediate and up-to-date news is available on your PC? Add this extension and enjoy international weather forecasts from, and have it displayed in any toolbar or status bar.

  1. Go back to the Mozilla Extensions web site from which we downloaded the No Script extension.
  2. Search for ForecastFox or go here.
  3. Select the extension to view its details.
  4. Click on the green Install Now button.
  5. Click the item in the window, and then click Install Now.
  6. Close all Mozilla Firefox browsers, and then reopen so that the complete download will take place.
    After re-opening, you will notice that the forecast is displayed within the toolbar.
  7. Drag your mouse pointer to the Radar option, and then right click.

  8. Choose Options, and then General.

  9. Type in your zip code in the Forecast Location field.

To change the placement of Forecastfox within your browser:

  1. Drag your mouse pointer to the Radar option, and then right click.
  2. Choose Options, and then General.
  3. Click the drop-down menu under the Display Placement option.
  4. Choose between:
    • toolbar-menubar
    • Navigation Toolbar
    • Bookmarks Toolbar
    • status-bar
    • main-menubar

Browse through the other options located in the left-hand pane to preference how you receive alerts and what information appears.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

IE Tabs: Miss using Internet Explorer(IE)?
Use IE within Mozilla Firefox today!

IE Tabs embeds Internet Explorer in Mozilla Firefox tabs.
Since some internet material performs best with Internet Explorer, this tool opens up those few options that would otherwise be inaccessible without this extension. Also, IE Tabs is a great for web developers, who can quickly view web pages displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox.
Go back to the Mozilla Extensions web site from which we downloaded the Forecastfox extension.

  1. Search for IE Tab or go here.
  2. Select the extension to view its details.
  3. Click on the green Install Now button.
  4. Click the item in the window, and then click Install Now.
  5. Close all Mozilla Firefox browsers, and then reopen so that the complete download will take place.

IE Tabs is simple and easy to use. When you discover a link you want opened in an IE Tab:

  1. Right click the link.
  2. Select Open Link in IE Tab.

  3. Mozilla Firefox will now use the Internet Explorer engine to display the page you have requested in a tab.

Update to Firefox 2.0 today!

What’s on your PC? If the answer is the old version of Firefox, then today is your day—the day you upgrade to Firefox 2.0! With this new version of Firefox come new toys to make your life easier and, best of all, more fun. Firefox 2.0’s new features include RSS feeds, Spell Check, and Anti-phishing.
Before we explore these new features, let’s download the newest version of Firefox!

  1. Go to:
  2. Click the Download Firefox—Free button.

  3. Work through the install wizard after downloading.

    Note: For a walk-through of the install steps, check out this Firefox article.

When finished, open up Mozilla Firefox. We are ready to check out these new features!

Improved Tabbed Browsing

Tabbing is awesome, no? Firefox 2.0 will open new web pages in tabs by default. Each of those tabs has its own close button, but don’t worry – if you accidentally close a tab, just go to the History menu to bring it back from the list of Recently Closed Tabs. Have too many tabs open at once? Firefox 2.0 takes care of that because scroll arrows appear on either side. Also, a button on the right side lists an easy-to-read list of all your open tabs.

Spell Checking

“I” before “E” except after “c,” or is it the other way around? With Firefox 2.0, you no longer need to remember! The new built-in spell checking feature will keep you from making any mistakes in your blog posts and Web-based email.

Search Suggestions

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Just start typing into the Search bar, and a drop down list of suggestions will appear. (Works for Google, Yahoo! and

What is Phishing and is it a bad thing? Phishing is a kind of identity theft. It is when a malicious Web site impersonates a legitimate one in order to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or account details, or. Phishing attacks through email messages that lure recipients into updating their personal information on fraudulent Web sites. Find out how to protect yourself against Phishing today!

  1. Click Tools and then select Options…

  2. Select the Security tab choose your preferred settings.

Not sure if your Phishing Protection is activated? To find out, just visit Mozilla Firefox’s test website:
If Phishing Protection is turned on, a warning dialog will appear.
The Get me out of here! link will back you out of a suspected phishing site and redirect you to the Firefox Start page. The Ignore this warning link will allow you to continue on to the suspected phishing site.

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