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SOHOLogics is an IT solutions company operating in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. Our company provides our clientele with the solutions they need to attract customers to their products and services. We utilize the latest technology available to help our clients increase productivity, improve efficiency, eliminate problems, and amplify profits. Our job is to boost our client’s bottom-line.

Our objective is to deliver the right solution to our clients with the highest quality at an economic cost. We provide our clientele with timely solutions to applications whether it be at home or the office. We provide our customers with a one-stop technology company that provides businesses of all sizes the products and services they need to get their company on the World Wide Web and beyond.

SOHOLogics provides IT Consulting Services, Web Design Services and Internet Marketing Services for its customers including:

Furthermore, we build and reinforce a personal relationship with each of our customers based on trust, results and by caring about each customer’s particular needs, wants and goals. We want each of our customers to grow exponentially with the products and service we provide so that we may grow with them as their partner in information technology.

Our services include:

In today’s fast paced world, the only way to remain on the cutting edge is to rely on computers, networks, and the Internet. We provide our customers with the medium to conduct business in the highest, most efficient methods available. We provide low cost alternatives that meet or surpass our competitors in the industry. We create a positive client relationship on the foundation of loyalty, trust and customer service. Our job is not done until the client’s needs are met.

Business IT Services

IT Consulting Dallas

SOHOLogics offers a full range of IT Consulting Services for your business. We are experts in Windows Server technologies such as Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory. SOHOLogics has MCSE Certified Technicians on call for any Installation, Upgrade, Service, or Support Call you may need. Most support services can even be performed remotely. We also offer Cisco and Network Infrastructure Planning and Support to ensure your network is functioning at its peak performance at all times. In addition, we can perform Workstartion Setup and Maintenance for your network on an hourly or contract basis. See how SOHOLogics provides the best-in-class IT Consulting Services in Dallas. We even offer a free On-site IT visit so that you may judge our knowledge, ability, and competency.

Dallas Business Continuity Planning

SOHOLogics specializes in Developing and Deploying complete Information Technology solutions for your business. We work around the clock to ensure our team is up to date with current technologies including available Cloud Services for your business. SOHOLogics’ forte is designing and implementing IT Infrastructure Solutions for each one of our clients. These solutions cover all of your workstations, servers, network infrastructure, internal company applications and your business public infrastructure. All of SOHOLogics’ combined turn-key solutions solution guarantees that your business will always be active, available and ready to pounce on your existing customer or sales lead.

Dallas IT Managed Services

Sit back, relax and take those shoes off! With SOHOLogics Managed Services Dallas you never again have to worry about your network infrastructure. SOHOLogics is partnered with the latest and greatest Managed Services partners to ensure that any and all problems are dealt with before they ever get to your desk. With Managed Services, SOHOLogics uses an advanced array of applications to completely monitor your network to ensure all problems are caught early before those problems every cause your business down-time. In the event some problem does occur, we fix it for free!

Dallas Visualization Services

Do you have too many physical servers? Not enough processing power? SOHOLogics has a tailored Visualization Solution for you. We specialize in draining every ounce of processing power out of your setup. This includes our Green Server initiative and so much more. Let us help you save cash on Hardware and Equipment; not to mention your Electrical Bill. All of our technicians understand the requirements of power related to servers in today’s world. Let us help you save money while increasing your speed and efficiency while reducing your electrical bill, space requirements and carbon footprint on the environment.

Dallas Phone Systems and Voice over IP (VOIP) Services

Are you sick and tired of paying too much for phone service for your business? SOHOLogics has the solution. Whether its an Open Source Phone System such as Asterisk or taking advantage of one of the many Hosted Cloud Phone System solutions available today, SOHOLogics can plan and deploy the best solution for your business.

Dallas Internet Services

Dallas Cloud Services

You have heard about the cloud. In today’s world you cannot miss it. It is all around us; powering websites, powering your phone and powering your car. We cannot deny the cloud anymore. We must accept that it will forever change the way we think and believe about technology. The cloud is simply this: Your data locally available for those that need access to it. The cloud is basically a bunch of servers locally distributed around the world which enables your application or website to be accessible at an unbelievable delivery speed to those local positioned to a node. SOHOLogics understands and provides such services for its clients.

Dallas Website Design and Dallas Website Development

SOHOLogics goes above and beyond any web designer you will ever meet. We design Web 2.0-3.0 designs using the latest technology. Everyone else does that…So you ask, “What sets You apart?” Its quite easy actually: We first develop a relationship with each of our clients to determine how they show proceed with Internet Marketing. Once we know what each client wants to accomplish, we develop a website design which will accomplish that set of goals. We can guarantee you this much: If you pair our web design and Internet Marketing skills against any other service, we will come on top.

We do this by being upfront and honest with every customer. We provide all of their artwork for every design we complete. We never use a third party web application to promote that website. You control everything: From the Design, Management and Marketing. When we are done, it is yours.

Dallas Internet Marketing and Dallas Search Engine Optimization Services

So, some Yahoo built you a website and you either received no NEW business from that site or only a few calls. What should you do? SOHOLogics has been building websites since the year 2000. Jason realized in 2009 that all of that effort was a waste as SOHOLogics did not bring any real sales or movement to the equation. He realized that he needed to step of his game. Jason partnered with Jennifer to revolutionize the sales process for SOHOLogics and its customers. Proper on-page and off-page search engine optimization and social media optimization has been the key.

SOHOLogics has been a web design company for many years. We have worked tirelessly over the past two and a half years to correct where we were and determine a complete marketing angle for our future. It has increased our business ten fold and we are now happy to share that with those businesses which choose to take Internet Marketing to the next level.

Dallas Software Development and Application Design

SOHOLogics only brings the latest and most innovative Microsoft .Net (ASP etc) and PHP programming technologies to the table to guarantee the best in application design. SOHOLogics employs the best programming minds in the industry to ensure that your application accomplishes and exceeds your company’s expectations.

We want you to be one of our customers too. If you are interested in a solution we provide or need consulting and planning with your current and future IT infrastructure needs, please contact us or give us a call at 469.212.0545. All consultations are free of charge so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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