TightVNC Windows Installation

This page contains instructions to install TightVNC on your computer system. There are two parts to this How-TO. The first part can be completed on your own; the second part which involves initialization and activation can be completed onsite or over the phone. Please feel free to call us at anytime if you have questions concerning either of these parts.

1. Download the TightVNC installation files.

(click this link to automatically open your web browser to the right page)

2. Select from one of the mirror sites to download the TightVNC. The links are located at the bottom of the page.

3. When the download box appears, select Save to save the files to your hard drive.

4. In the Save As dialog box, pull down the drop down box called Save In and select your Desktop and then select the Save button from the bottom of the dialog box.

5. When the TightVNC file finishes downloading, you can close the Internet Explorer window that you used above to download the files with.

6. Minimize all open programs so that you can see your Desktop. Double-click the TightVNC file that you downloaded to your desktop to launch the TightVNC Installation program.

7. The first screen that appears that needs information asks which language of TightVNC you would like to install. Of course, select English and click Ok.

9. Read the License Agreement if necessary. TightVNC and Zebedee are free and covered under the GPL License Agreement. When finished, click Yes to continue.

10. The next screen allows you to select where you want to install the Pointdev software package on your computer. You are welcome to change the location if you would like. Do so by clicking Browse and selecting where you would like it installed. When finished, click the Next button.

11. The Pointdev package then installs all the needed files onto your computer.

12. The below dialog box informs you that WinVNC was installed with the manual start option which means you must open it for it to be active and used. Go ahead and click Ok to continue.

13. This dialog informs you that Zebedee (the secure 128-bit encryption software) was installed properly on your computer. Click Ok to continue.

14. This dialog informs you that Zebedee was installed with the manual start option which means you must open it for it to be active and used. Go ahead and click Ok to continue.

15. The final InstallShield dialog box informs you that the Pointdev software was installed successfully. Click Finish to end the installation.

16. You have now successfully installed the Pointdev software on to your computer system when you are need of support for the first time or we visit your office for onsite support next time, ask us to help you with the second part of the installation. The second part of the installation involves ensuring that the encryption software (Zebedee) is running properly with WinVNC and that a proper password is assigned for access.

Again, if you have any questions concerning the setup and installation of the Pointdev package, please feel free to give us a call. Thank you for your attention. We look forward to working with you remotely in the future. Thank you for your business. We appreciate it very much.



discussion on "TightVNC Windows Installation"

  1. What a great idea! Most You expect an installation program to work smoothly but that doesn’t always happen and when something doesn’t go the way it should you’re left wondering as to what went wrong. This step by step procedure is a great way to show people exactly what the installation should involve.
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    • Thank you Sire! Am about to launch a new series of tutorials. This time around, I will not only be including the step by step screenshot method but will also produce videos for those visitors who do not want to read the article. You should stop back by in the next couple of weeks and check it out.
      Jason Osborne invites you to read: TightVNC Windows InstallationMy Profile

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