Setup an Out Of Office Notification For Your SOHO.Mail

Ever wondered how to setup an out of office reply for your SOHOLogics mail account? If you host with us, this tutorial will show you how.
First thing is first, you must have your email username and password. Check your hosting setup email for help. If you do not have the setup email, feel free to call SOHOLogics to request your password. You can reach us at 214.766.7168.
Note: You have to host your domain with SOHOLogics for this article to work. If you do not currently host with us, please check out our Web Hosting page for further details on how you can join SOHOLogics.
Now that you are ready, let us get started…

  1. Open your web browser and enter the following URL:
  2. You can alternatively access the web mail software by visiting our website at and clicking on the Client E-mail Access link.

  3. You will be presented with a login page to Usermin. Enter your username and password and click Login.

  4. Click on the Mail icon on the gray toolbar, then, click on the Vacation Auto-Reply icon.

  5. You will enter the Vacation Auto-Reply setup page. Configure as follows:
    1. Enter your Subject and Message Body as you wish.
    2. Make sure your email address is correct in the From input box.
    3. Click the Enable Vacation button when finished.

  6. Do not forget to log out when finished to protect your email account from unauthorized access.

  7. Here is a sample message the server generated after I setup a vacation message and then emailed the account.

    That is it. You are finished. You now know how to setup an out of office notification.

    When you return to the office, just log back into Usermin, go back to the Vacation Auto-Reply page and select Disable Vacation.

    Have a safe trip!

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