Mail Merge Letters with the Greatest of Ease!

Need to mass-mail advertisements to clients before this evening? Have dozens of holiday cards to send to family and friends? No worries, the Mail Merge process is useful and convenient for everyone. Look below to learn how.
Generally, the Mail Merge process involves two choices: first, you choose the type of document that you want to merge information into, then, you choose the main document that you want to use. The main document is the document with which you start. The objective of this article is to merge information from an Excel document to that of a Microsoft Word document, specifically with the purpose of allowing your computer to transfer name and address information to create individualized letters for each Excel listing.
To start the mail-merge process:

  1. Create or open an Excel spreadsheet with name and address information. In this article, I attempt to send letters to each of the clients within the Client Receipt List Excel spreadsheet.

  2. After making all corrections or editions to the spreadsheet, close the Excel document.
  3. Open Microsoft Word, and a blank document will open; do not close this blank document.
  4. Type the letter in the blank document.
  5. Next, click the Tools menu, then point to Letters and Mailings and then click Mail Merge.
      If using Word 2002, click the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings and then click Mail Merge Wizard.

  6. The Mail Merge pane will open to the right, with which you can navigate through the mail-merge process.
  7. Select the Letters option on the Mail Merge pane, then click Next: Starting document.
  8. If you have a previously typed letter, choose the Use the current document option. Otherwise, choose another option. Then, click Next: Select recipients.
  9. If you have an existing recipient list, select the Use an existing list option, otherwise, choose another source for recipient information.
  10. Next, click the Browse… link, to choose an existing recipient list in an Excel spreadsheet.

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  11. Choose the Excel sheet[s] that contain the correct recipient contacts.

  12. Use the check boxes to choose the desired recipients and information to add to the letter. Next, click Next: Write your letter.

  13. Click Address block… to choose the format of the recipient information that will appear in each letter.

  14. After choosing the desired format, click the Match Field… button and fill the fields that apply. Then, click OK in the Math Fields box and OK in the Insert Address Block box.

  15. Next, choose the Greeting Line… option and choose the greeting format for your recipients. Then, click Next: Preview your letters after adding any other needed options.

      As each option is added, they appear as they do in the body of your letter like they appear in the image below.

  16. After clicking the next button, you can now preview your letter, by scanning through each of the recipients or exclude recipients from the letter set. Once finished, click Next: Complete the merge.
  17. After choosing this option, choose either to Print… the individualized letters or the Edit individual letters… By choosing the latter, each individual letter will appear within the mail-merge document.

Perfected for the small business or just for fun, send professionally address labels with Microsoft’s easy-to-use mail-merge wizard today.

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