Decisions: Finding the Right Windows Vista for You

Before rushing out to buy it, let’s narrow the Vista versions to find the one that is the best fit for you. See below for an in-depth look at the versions that Microsoft offers.
All versions of Vista share certain features such as:

    • User Account Control
    • Windows Firewall/Defender
    • Internet Explorer 7 with phishing filter
    • Instant Search
    • Backup and Recovery
    • SuperFetch
    • Media Player 11
    • PhotoGallery
    • Speech Recognition
    • Maximum supported RAM 4GB

Below is a detailed look of each version and the features that will tailor a version to your needs.

Windows Vista Home Basic
Built for your basic home-computing needs, Windows Vista Home Basic includes the necessities for your PC experience. This version contains a limited remote desktop and has perfected its search features so that the instant desktop search feature looks across all files on your computer for fast and easy viewing. This version includes automatic program defenses to protect your system from malicious software and websites. Additionally, this Home Basic package includes parent control to ensure that children’s eyes do not stray into inappropriate internet material.

Windows Vista Home Premium
Looking to beef up the Home Basic version? If so, the Home Premium package is the one for you. This version includes Windows Media Center (with HGTV/cablecord support), Aero, scheduled backups, Movie Maker (with HD support), “Premium” games, limited remote desktop, Tablet PC functionality, Slide show and DVD Maker. The most preferred edition for the home desktop and mobile PCs, Vista Home Premium delivers the basic security and reliability with some extras such as Windows Media Center for making and storing photos, DVDs, music, recorded TV and home movies. This version also contains new features that simplify the transfer of data and settings from an old PC to a newer Vista-run system.

Windows Vista Business
A great alternative to Windows Vista Ultimate is Windows Vista Business. Ideal for a small business owner, Vista Business includes Aero, scheduled backups, “Premium” games, remote desktop, offline files/folders, Tablet PC functionality, Slide show and fax and scan.
This is the first Windows operating system specifically tailored to meet the needs of a small business. Touting an improved interface to make information searches simpler, Windows Vista Business will streamline any small business with powerful and safe features. Included in this particular version are several mobile computing enhancements that keep you connected with your business while on the go or in the office. Now you and your business can share a complimentary rhythm, upon which location will have no bearing.

Windows Vista Enterprise
The premium business edition of Windows Vista, Enterprise is ideal for large-scale, global organizations with complex IT infrastructures. This version will streamline businesses by lowering costs and reducing risks to your networked business community. Windows Vista Enterprise includes Aero, scheduled backups, BitLocker, “Premium” games, remote desktop, offline files/folders, Tablet PC functionality, Slide show, and fax and scan capabilities. Additionally, Enterprise provides built-in tools to improve application compatibility with previous versions of Microsoft operating systems and is available in all interface languages.

Windows Vista Ultimate
Do your worlds of business and pleasure overlap? No worries, Microsoft will take care of you with the most complete edition–Windows Vista Ultimate.
This version of Windows Vista includes all features found within Windows Vista Premium, namely, Windows Media Center (with HGTV/cablecord support), Aero, scheduled backups, Movie Maker (with HD support), BitLocker, “Premium” games, remote desktop, offline files/folders, Tablet PC functionality, Slide show, fax and scan and DVD Maker.
This complete version also contains all features found in Windows Vista Business such as business networking, advanced system backup files and centralized management tools. Additionally, the Ultimate edition includes new security, data protection features and support for other features such as Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, Windows Mobitilit Center and Windows SlideShow.
Windows Vista Ultimate exclusively contains Windows Ultimate Extras. These are unique and cutting-edge programs that are available only to Windows Vista Ultimate users. Currently, these Extras include:

    • Windows Hold’em: poker game for all skill levels
    • BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool: removes the complexity of setting up you PC
    • Secure Online Key Backup: store your BitLocker password and Wnccrypted File System certificate in a digital locker.
    • Language packs for multi-lingual interface
    • DreamScene: allows looped, full-motion video as desktop wallpaper rather than a static image

If any other Extras become available, the Ultimate Extra control panel will inform you of new downloads. With Windows Vista Ultimate, you will be able to travel, work and find an excellent source of entertainment while knowing that your PC is running with the very best Windows Vista version available.

Decisions, decisions—and one is just right for you. Whether a small business owner or on the search for a source of entertainment, Windows Vista has a version for you. Choose the right one for you and prepare yourself for an amazing technological experience.

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