Files Over Email: Sometimes Size Does Not Matter (2of3)

Have you ever needed to send a big file through email? Have you ever seen that ominous error message your email program spits out when it finally determines its too big? Have you ever had to wait hours to send that email attachment? Maybe size does matters.
But what if it didn’t? Last time we used WinZip (Files Over Email: Sometimes Size Does Matter (1of3)) to shrink our attachment. What if you really don’t want to shrink it though? Say its too big for even WinZip to handle, maybe the user you are sending it to is on a Macintosh, or maybe they may not understand how to get and use WinZip. Why not upload it to the web with a free program named FileZilla?
Lets get started!
Downloading FileZilla

  1. First we’ll need to download and install the program onto our computer. To do that, go to Once the page loads, click on the Download link as shown in the picture below.

  2. On the next page, locate the green download button for the FileZilla software.

    Note: Make sure you do not download the FileZilla Server as this is something different.

  3. On the next page, select the file FileZilla_x_x_xxx_setup.exe.

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  4. On the next page, select a mirror location to download the file from by clicking the Download hyperlink next to any of the countries listed. No matter which one you pick, you will download the same file. If one doesn’t work, try another one.

  5. On the next page, select the Click Here To Start Your Download button.

  6. Whether in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or another browser, go ahead and save it to your desktop.

Installing FileZilla

  1. Great, now we can start the installation. Minimize your browser and locate the file on your desktop. Go ahead and double click it to get started.

  2. On the first window, go ahead and select your language and hit Ok.

  3. Read the License Agreement on the next window and select I Agree to continue.

  4. On the Choose Components window, select Next to continue.

  5. On the Choose Install Location window, select Next to continue.

  6. On the Choose Start Menu Folder, select Next to continue.

  7. On the General Settings window, select Do not use secure mode which will allow you to save passwords.

    Note: If on a shared PC, you may want to Use Secure Mode so that your password is not saved.

    Click Install to continue.

  8. FileZilla will now be installed on your computer. When it says it has completed, click Close.

  9. You’ve just installed FileZilla. You will now have a FileZilla icon on your desktop. Double click the icon to open FileZilla.

Uploading Files to the Web

  1. In FileZilla, if necessary, click on File > Site Manager to open the Site Manager. To add your website, click New Site.

  2. Name the new site so you can easily identify it next time. Hit Enter on your keyboard when done to change the site’s name.

  3. Now you will want to add your site’s information. As you can see in the graphics below, we will be setting up FileZilla to log into the SOHO.Server.

    Note: If you have an account on our server, you can enter the information shown in the graphics. If not, please call or email us if you would like one set up or consult your current ISP for the correct settings.

    Our Settings Are:
    Servertype: SFTP using SSH2

  4. Now enter your username for your site and your password. You can also tell FileZilla not to save your password if necessary. To finish adding your site, click Connect.

  5. Now you are presented with the main FileZilla window. It is divided into four screen areas. Refer the the graphic below. They include:
    1. The top section displays the Status of your connection with your site. When you first connect to your site, it will display the communications with your server as you connect.
    2. The middle left screen displays the Local Folder View on your hard drive and at the top of this section, there is a drop down box which allows you to select your computer’s drives.
    3. The lower left screen displays the Local File View of the folder you are currently in.
    4. The lower right screen displays the Remote Server View on your web server. You will see all of the files and folders currently uploaded to your home directory.

  6. Now that your are logged into your site, you need to navigate to the folder where files can be uploaded which are viewable on the web.

    Our server uses the public_html folder in the user’s home directory. If you use our server and the folder does not exist, do the following:

    1. Right click on a blank area in the Remote Server View and select Create Directory.
    2. Name the directory public_html.
    3. Once done, go ahead and double click on the directory to enter it.

    Note: If you are using another ISP, you will want to ask them which folder you can upload files to which is web accessible (i.e. public_html, html, www, web).

  7. Now locate a file on your computer via the Local Folder and Local File View areas. Once done, drag and drop your file(s) from the Local File View area to the Remote Server View area. Once done, you will see your file upload at the very bottom of FileZilla.

  8. Great, you just uploaded your first file to the web!

    On our server, you can access your web files by going to

    As you can see in the picture below, I have gone to my web file directory and have a copy of FileZilla online for download.

    Note: Consult your ISP for your web file location.

You’re all done! You just learned how to upload files to your website. Now you can send a link to that really big file so you and your recipient won’t have to download that email for hours.
Send a Link to Your File Via Email
To send a link to your uploaded file, do the following:

  1. Visit your web file area in your favorite web browser.
  2. Right click on the file you want to send and select Copy Link Location.
  3. Create a new email in your email program.
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address and a subject.
  5. Paste the link location into the body of the email
  6. And send it away.

Here we thought size mattered. Haha. In the next newsletter, I will write a third article in this series about a free website you can sign up with which makes sending large files over the Internet even easier.
Until next time, happy uploading!

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