Close The File On Chaotic Folders

Never be lost in space again! Better organize your PC’s folders today, and know where everything is. We will explore the inner reaches of your PC’s universe to make order out of chaos. There is no “danger” here! Organizing your folders is very easy and safe. Will Robinson wishes he had it so well!

Before demonstrating the process of folder organization, here are a few tips:

  • My Documents is the best place to put your files and documents.
  • Consolidation is key, so create folders within folders.
  • Preference is essential; there is no one best way to organize your folders.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY…it’s VERY easy to do.

So, lets get started:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.

  2. Select My Documents located on your C: drive.

    This folder contains the following subtitles:

    • My Albums
    • My eBooks
    • My Music
    • My Pictures
    • My Received Files
    • My Scans
    • My Videos
    • My Webs

Now, you can consolidate scattered files into these folders.
Do you have a file that needs a new folder? If so, to create new folders:

  1. Left click in the white space, select New, and then Folders.

  2. Name the folder, and then press Enter, located on your keyboard.

To move pre-existing files into folders:

  1. Right-click the file, and then select Copy.

  2. Select the desired folder.
  3. Right click the folder, and then select Paste.

Remember, use the folders in My Documents as a backbone, and then branch out from there with new folders. In no time, your computer will be clean and tidy!

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